Entomology Section

Plant protection strategy and activities have significant importance in the overall crop production programmes for sustainable agriculture. Variation of Bt gene expression in different cultivars over time and efficacy to bollworms are the main concern now a days, studies undertaken on Earias spp proved the concerned. Similarly the efficacy of Bt cotton in the field is losing efficacy against the pink bollworm, survey conducted revealed high infestations in green bolls. Monitoring of lepidopterous pest population viz sex pheromone and light traps was carried out and forecast the increasing trend in all bollworms population. Studies on red and dusky cotton bugs continued and efforts are made to find bio agents for long term solutions. Seed treatment effect and development of natural on early and normal planting studies revealed that the population of jassid was more on early sown field than normal sowing also the natural fauna was recorded higher in the early sown. The distinct efforts of researchers of the section have proved meaningful in devising pest management strategies against common and new emerging insect pests through application of IPM. Studies are continued on host plant tolerance of CCRI, Multan and National Coordinated Bt. & non-Bt. Strains. The section also studied effect of different IPM strategies on insect pest for transgenic cotton. Screening of new insecticides was also conducted against major insect pests of cotton.

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