Transfer Technology Section

Transfer of Technology Section is playing a significant role in the dissemination of latest researched based profitable cotton production technology to all private and public sectors. The research findings are disseminated with the usage of electronic and print media before & during the cropping season and also in the off-season. Training/refresher courses are being conducted for knowledge enhancement and skill development of farmers and field officers of pesticide/seed industry. Cotton Crop Management Group (CCMG) Meetings are being regularly held at the institute that help in reviewing current crop situation and devise solution measures at gross root level through the intervention of Agriculture Ext. Department. A large number of printed materials are distributed among extension workers, farmers, teachers & students from agriculture universities/colleges and for other visitors at the institute. Furthermore, a number of programs with the coordination of local TV channels for general awareness/skill development in cotton production are taken up through Radio & TV programs.

The following training programs are arranged during the crop season:
i) Profitable cotton production technology
ii) Advance agronomic practices for better seed production
iii) Preparation of land, seedbed and soil management
iv) Water stress tolerance in cotton and plant mapping
v) Cotton planting techniques
vi) Development of virus resistant varieties through introgression
vii) Cotton cultivars and their specific agronomic practices
viii) Breeding methods and cotton cultivars
ix) Wheat as relay cropping
x) Cotton seed processing, proper storage and management
xi) Cotton seed delinting & grading
xii) Cotton plant diseases and their management
xiii) Cotton pests and their management